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Welcome to a Judgment Free Zone for Head Lice Treatment in Nova Scotia

Lice Matters is here to provide you with the most comprehensive knowledge, information, products and services to ensure your lice journey is as short as possible.  All of our staff have had lice in their homes so we understand the stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed.  Good news, we know where to start and how to get you to the other side of lice.  Whether you are coming to us for prevention or treatment, we have what you need.  All of our staff have up to date first aid and criminal record checks as well as vulnerable sector checks.

Lice Matters Workshop

Experienced Staff

Medically trained staff provide the most up to date service and products based on an individual’s needs.


Safe, Non Toxic Products

All of the products we use are safe and non toxic.  We value the absolute safety of your family so we choose the products we use very carefully.


Professional & Friendly Staff

Nothing is more important to Lice Matters than your trust. You can be assured of being treated with respect and understanding.


Strict confidentiality

We believe that strict confidentiality is paramount to our client care.  No information will ever be shared with anyone else about you or your visit here.


Same Day Appointments

We do our best to accommodate same day appointments whenever  possible. You will always get a call back the same day.


No Judgment Zone

Lice Matters staff have all experienced lice in their homes.  You will find no judgment, only understanding when you come to see us.  

Our Services

From the time you make your first contact with us,  rest assured that you will find no judgment here.  If you have a question, please ask it. Our purpose is to break the stigma of lice one head at a time. We provide you with the right products, lice treatment, knowledge and services you need to break the cycle of lice.

Lice Matters Group Education

Group Education

We go to school groups, PTAs, church groups and provide educational information on a volunteer basis.

Removal Services

Not only do we provide head checks, we will do the work for you with our full service lice removal with guarantee.


We are pleased to be able to offer you the most effective products for lice prevention and lice treatment.  

“I ended up treating DEC plugs in my child’s hair for almost 8 week after a visitor to my home called saying she had lice this past summer! I thought I knew what I was looking for as we had gone through it years earlier with my first child. Save yourself from the insanity. Use expert advice right off the mark if you suspect lice. It would have saved me hundreds of dollars and days upon days of checks and sanitization.”
– New Minas, Nova Scotia

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