How to get rid of lice? This is a question I get asked dozens of times a month by people wanting a simple, fast solution to get rid of lice in their home. Many people look for an answer that does not require any effort. Simply put, this will not happen. Kerosene, Coke, vinegar, tea tree oil and a wide variety of other products like peanut butter and coconut oil do not work. In order to get rid of lice safely and quickly, you need to put in time and energy (and a little bit of money).

For starters, call an expert. Most importantly, use a product that actually kills all the live lice. If you don’t stop the lice cycle, you will continue to battle it for weeks or months. Next, invest in a Nit Free Terminator comb. This will save countless hours in lice and nit removal time and can be used in between people once properly sanitized. Most importantly, it will require your diligence. Yes, it will require time to comb through the hair daily until they are gone. Lice Matters will do this for you and provides a guarantee if all are checked and treated. So, for everyone wanting a quick and easy solution to get rid of lice, call us first and we will walk you through the process. Once and done is my motto when it comes to lice removal.