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Lice Matters takes pride and demonstrates strict confidentiality and compassion when working with all clients. I work very hard to make sure that your children feel safe and respected while they are with us. All our staff have up to date first aid and criminal record checks as well as vulnerable sector checks.

Here are 2 articles that explains a little bit more about how we got started:

Lice advice


Family Fun – the Lowdown on Lice

Lice Matters is on the move to Calgary, AB

After much soul-searching and careful consideration, we have made the very difficult decision to close our physical presence at 8872 Commercial Street in New Minas as of June 15, 2019.  We will be moving to Calgary and will continue to operate within a different...

Let’s talk about lice, and why it shouldn’t be taboo

Why is lice taboo? Lice, such a taboo subject.  But why?  How did we become a society in which a health issue is off limits to discuss?  When lice came into my house and I couldn’t get rid of it, or talk to anyone about it, I knew I had to delve a bit further into why...

The New Face of Lice in Teens

Many people associate head lice with elementary school children.  While this is still the case, we are seeing a much different demographic emerging with head lice.  It is now much more common for middle school and high school kids to show up...

Lice Prevention

Some tips on lice prevention: Be diligent!  Back to school is usually a very active time. Look! Regularly check your children under full spectrum or outside lights to look for signs of early lice activity. Comb! Run the Nit Terminator comb through your child’s hair...

How to get rid of lice

How to get rid of lice? This is a question I get asked dozens of times a month by people wanting a simple, fast solution to get rid of lice in their home. Many people look for an answer that does not require any effort. Simply put, this will not happen. Kerosene,...

How lice pushed this mom over the edge

If you feel like you are losing your mind, this article is for you. It’s an article that I have put off writing for some time. I’ve struggled with how I would write it and what I would say. In the end, what you read from here on in is me re-living the raw emotions I...

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