Head Lice Removal Services in Nova Scotia

When you come to our shop, you have it to yourself. We book by appointment only so you are guaranteed complete privacy without worry of interruptions. Coffee and tea is always on for parents who might need caffeinating. Lice Matters offer a complete kids DVD section, Netflix,  and lots of other activities to keep your children occupied. We have crayons, puzzles and some other play equipment to keep them entertained.

 We offer a wide variety of services to meet your individual needs.  A new product line will also be launching in 2019 to expand how we are able to offer our services.   All products subject to HST.

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Head lice check

Lice Services

Head Check – $15

In-shop initial head checks are at a rate of $15 per head. If you use our removal service, this fee will be waived. When a group comes in, additional head checks are $10. If you are unsure whether or not you or a loved one has head lice, call us and we will check it out.

Consultation – $20

If you choose not to use our removal services, we offer a $20 consultation session for up to 60 minutes providing information on how you can manage it yourself.

Lice Removal Services – $75/hour

Lice Matters offers removal services at a rate of $75/hour. This includes the initial check and a complimentary follow up one week later to ensure that you are lice free. If not, we will do an additional removal at no extra charge to you provided you have met our guarantee guidelines which are outlined below.  This is the most effective way to ensure you are lice free within a week.

Quick Lice Removal Service – $75/hour

If you want a good head start on lice removal, we offer an abbreviated 1 hour removal service. We do a thorough comb through and removal for 1 hour and remove as many eggs and lice as we can during that time. We also show you proper combing techniques to finish the removal at home. Our oil treatment must be used for this service and no guarantee is offered.

Group Education

Lice Matters loves to go into PTAs, camps, churches and schools to provide complimentary lice information. We currently partner with a number of organizations and do head checks, lice education seminars. Our education programs are tailored to suit your needs and adjusted accordingly. Lice Matters also goes into classrooms where bullying around lice is an issue. The children are educated that it’s no different than getting a cold. We talk about lice not being “dirty” thing, and that anyone can get it.
3 stages of a head louse

Our Lice Guarantee

We are so confident of our results that we guarantee our services, provided:
Everyone living in your household receives a complimentary head check by us;
our Oil Treatment and the Nit Terminator comb are used as directed;
Each person found to have lice undertakes a lice removal session(s) with us;
A complimentary recheck is completed by us within 7 days of your initial session.

If any client is found to still have lice at the end of the 7-day removal cycle, we will undertake an additional lice removal session for that person at no additional charge. Some exclusions may apply.

Safe & Effective
Head Lice Treatment

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