In-Home Head Checks $25/head

Lice Matters will come to your home for a $25 fee per head and do a thorough inspection for lice.  We will show you what head lice and head lice eggs look like and you will feel confident in your ability to spot head lice going forward.


Lice Training/Removal Session in Home $75/hr (min. 1 hour)

We also offer training/removal sessions in your home and the price varies depending on the length of time we spend there and how many people we are educating.  We book these at a time convenient for you.  Calgary is new to us so we will take a little time to find you.  The fee is dependent on the length of time, number of people and location we are training at.  A call out fee of $75/hour applies for training applies.  If your child has an active case of lice, we will show you what to do as we do an abbreviated removal in the comfort of your own home.


Lice Group Education – Price Varies

Lice Matters loves to go into PTAs, camps, churches and schools to provide complimentary lice information. We currently partner with a number of organizations and do head checks, lice education seminars. Our education programs are tailored to suit your needs and adjusted accordingly. Lice Matters also goes into classrooms where bullying around lice is an issue. The children are educated that it’s no different than getting a cold. We talk about lice not being “dirty” thing, and that anyone can get it.



3 stages of a head louse

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