Lice Matters testimonials

Lice Matters Testimonials

We believe and strive our utmost to give you the best service possible.  Our goal is to have every customer leave feeling relieved, less stressed and like they have a handle on lice.  They make initial contact with lots of questions and anxiety, and after speaking with us, feel more in control.  

Lice Matters have a very informative presentation at our Home & School meeting. Tracey was knowledgeable, experienced, well spoken and easy to talk to. Lice Matters would be my first call if I found lice.

Very professional and provides education as well.

I feel so relieved!!! Finally I am educated about the misconceptions that have to do with “lice”, “eggs”, etc.. I know how to treat and manage it now and also I know to stop buying drugstore treatments !!! Kind Loyal Trustworthy Professional

The advice and comfort that Tracey brought to such a stressful situation was not only needed and appreciated but extremely helpful.

Great knowledgeable staff!

Lice Matters is a wonderful service for the Annapolis Valley, taking care of a business and talking about a subject most people find taboo. I have sat in on many school presentations by Lice Matters, where myths are debunked and information is given in a non-judgemental, sales way. This is a great resource!

I ended up treating DEC plugs in my child’s hair for almost 8 week after a visitor to my home called saying she had lice this past summer! I thought I knew what I was looking for as we had gone through it years earlier with my first child. Save yourself from the insanity. Use expert advice right off the mark if you suspect lice. It would have saved me hundreds of dollars and days upon days of checks and sanitization.

They are timely, sympathetic, educational and thorough. Thank you to Lice Matters for providing this beneficial service to our community!

Head Lice Education, Treatment Products, and Prevention in Calgary, Alberta

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Canada (Calgary, AB)