Many people associate head lice with elementary school children.  While this is still the case, we are seeing a much different demographic emerging with head lice.  It is now much more common for middle school and high school kids to show up with lice.  The prevalence of “selfies” seems to have given lice a wonderful opportunity to broaden their horizons.  This poses a new predicament as many parents are not checking these children for lice as they think their children are past all of that.  Sadly, this is resulting in longer unchecked infestations and a much greater risk of transference to other family members.  Because of this, parents and grandparents are now having to face having head lice themselves.   They think “oh, it must be dandruff or dry skin” when they itch (if they do at all).  If you’ve flown on a plane, sat in an upholstered chair or had close head to head contact with someone, you are at risk.  Remember, only approximately 50% of people who have lice itch as it’s an allergic reaction to the saliva.  Please know that lice do not discriminate based on age so check all your family members regularly.  It may save you a lot of work down the road.